We are in the process of renewing our car insurance as our existing policy is about to expire, so I did what most sensible people do and visited confused.com since these guys promise to take the confusion out of chosing car insurance. (chuckle chuckle).

After I signed in, there was the laborious task of filling in all our personal information including our full car history information. It wasn’t too bad as the fields are fairly straight forward. One of the last questions on the questionaire was the following: “How do you usually pay for your motor insurance?

I answered Monthly and moved onto the SHOW MY QUOTES page. 89 possible result popped up onto the screen and with some handy filters we managed to pick out one particular quote from tGIC (the Green Insurance Company), which seemed to tick all our boxes (Courtsey Car, Legal Cover, Breakdown Cover, Windscreen Cover).

The £363.45 is a ‘one off payment in full‘ price and the £445.65 price is if one decides to pay monthly payments.

Clicking on the More button takes one to a summary page displaying the quote details.

I was happy with the quote so went ahead and clicked on ‘Buy Online‘ button and it then takes one to the tGIC website where a similar quote is displayed on the screen as the ‘Your Online Price‘.

Notice the Online Price (that is the Payment In Full Price) and the monthly payments are displayed below it and if one multiplies £37.21 by 11 and then adds £36.34 it equals £445.65 as stated on the Confused.com website.

I clicked on BUY NOW and this is where the fun starts. Straight away tGIC have added some extras in because they think I need them, which pushes the price up and over £400. Fair dues they are check box options that can be unchecked, which is pricisely what I did to get the price back to the quoted Online Price. The last screen is the payment screen and what do you know?, there is NO option to PAY in FULL!  How strange? I searched high and low for the option to pay in full but it was non existent.

I thought I had made a mistake so went back two pages and clicked on the AMEND QUOTE button and had to go through 5 or 6 pages of the same personal and car related questions and finally noticed on one of the pages the question:

I changed it to ‘In Full‘ thinking it must be this option that is preventing me from paying in full:

The Quote screen came back but with a completely different price (a lot higher, £67 higher than originally quoted) but with an extra option ‘BUY NOW IN FULL’.

CONFUSED – I certainly am! How does one get to pay the Original Online price of £363.45 as quoted on Confused.com website as well as on the Green Insurance Company’s website?

From what I can see, one cannot purchase the Online Price unless you call them which kind of defeats the whole purpose of buying it online. Not only that tGIC states that ‘Policies bought over the phone will incur a £20 charge‘, so it will still more that the original Online Price quoted 🙁

I went back to the Confused.com website and edited my details again, and this time answered ‘Annual’ to the question “How do you usually pay for your motor insurance?“, and the quotes came up as before, but this time round the same policy was £430.90 (exactly the same price as tGIC quoted after I amended my details to reflect IN FULL payment). What a CON? Why should a payment in full push the price up even more? So much for a discount! [superemotions file=”icon_redface.gif” title=”Redfaced / Embarassed”]

I also went to the Green Insurance Company website and entered in all the same details for the umpteenth time and the quote returned twenty pounds more expensive at £383.45.  It also didn’t show the Plus package, nor was there any mention of the extras that the Plus package had, so I can only imagine that this quote is NOT the same as the one on the confused.com website.


  • If one chooses to pay ‘IN FULL’, one is penalized by a more expensive price. – ridiculous as that might sound!
  • If one selects ‘PAY MONTHLY on either website, the cheap Online Price in great big bold letters, is just there for show, it’s impossible to pay the Online Price IN FULL as the option does not present itself on the Green Insurance Company’s website.
  • It is FALSE ADVERTISING if one cannot actually purchase the pay ‘IN FULL’ price or the ONLINE PRICE. Both websites appear to be guilty of this, unless of course either website can tell me otherwise!

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