Congratulations to Peter and Lauren on the birth of Kyra Lee. She was born at 10:36am this morning. She weighed in at 3.75kg.

Mommy and Kyra
Mommy and Daddy and Kyra are doing fine.Daddy and Kyra
Also congratulations to Mom for becoming a granny at long last.
Granny and Kyra
Mom, you can drop your guard now and start to feel old. (ha ha) 😉
Tristen and Kyra
And finally Tristen, I bet you are feeling very big and important, now that you have a little sister to look after.

Phew! Jo you and I can relax now, the pressure is off.

Of course that means Jo and I have become Aunt and Uncle, which will be reflected in my msn name for the next couple of days. Now that does make us sound old. 🙁

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