There are some great websites offering free music streaming to your desktop or mobile phone. I’ve been trying out a few recently namely, Social.FM, Pandora, Songbird and The best two so far for me are and Pandora, because they are really easy to use, and there are never any breaks or stutters in the music playback.

Social.FM offers a mobile phone player, which I will be testing out next week when I am on the train to work/home. There is also Mystrands that somehow synchronises your music library on your phone with your online profile, and then links up with other people who like similar music to you, and I think you can listen to what they have and vice-versa. Not sure how legal this is, and how practical it is, considering I upload music to my phone on a weekly basis, so does that mean it has to synchronise each time? 

The website looks pretty cool though, so I will give it a try. I guess all of these sites have one big advantage, and that is you do not have to own the music. I think it’s great to get such variety over the Internet.