I was just watching Bon Jovi on the telly singing “We weren’t born to follow” – good song. The band is looking oldish, but then again who wouldn’t after 26 fine years of rocking the planet. It’s no secret that Bon Jovi have been my favorite band throughout my life.

Bon Jovi

I had all their tapes at one time, then all their CD’s (still do although they are in a suitcase somewhere), all their bootleg concerts (I think I have over 60 concerts downloaded from various sources), I even got CD’s from Ritchie’s, David and Jon’s solo careers.  I’ve been to three concerts over the years (too few) and next year in June we will be watching them live at the O2 with the Wright’s, friends who equally enjoy this band.

I can’t wait!

June the 11th 2010 – Bon Jovi – The Circle Tour live at the O2.

In the same month we are watching another band I have enjoyed over the years and that is Green Day. They have also been around for over 20 years. You wouldn’t think so looking at them, although Billie Joe Armstrong the lead singer wears make-up (I think to cover up the wrinkles – ha ha ha).

Green Day

Their album “American Idiot” is still my favorite. There are some classic songs on this album (American Idiot, Jesus of Suburbia, Wake Me Up When September Ends, Give me novocaine etc).

Green Day will be playing live at Wembley Stadium on Saturday the 19th June 2010.

And finally to top of the concert month I will be joing a few friends at Glastonbury. It’s the 40th show and promises to be the best ever!


I’ve never been, so hoping it’s going to be special. Glastonbury 23rd June to the 27th June 2010.