Today we will witness Michael Schumacher’s last formula one race. He is by far the best formula one driver ever to grace the track (that’s my opinion, and if I find a negative comment left after today on this story you will be banned forever (ha! ha!)). Schumacher currently holds every record in Formula One, including those for most drivers’ championships, race victories, fastest laps, pole positions, and most races won in a single season. 

Alonso is the only person who has skill to match Schumacher, and has even demostrated a nasty streak when things don’t go according to plan. So to the last race we go. It’s possible that Michael can win the race from his 10th position on the grid, although I think it would require Alonso to make a mistake or for someone else to crash into him. Unlikely! – I am sure if Schummie were to win, the media would go nuts and call foul because that is what they do best.

One wonders what it would have been like if Senna was still around. Would he have been able to stop Schumacher winning seven world champions (ha ha), or vice versa?

Senna ahead of Schumacher, but not for long if you watch this video on This was back in the days when proper racing was allowed.

Hakkinen vs Schumacher