WimbledonSo just as one international competition takes a break from all the action, another one serves up some great entertainment. The weather looks good for Wimbledon and hopefully it can take the pressure off our boys in Germany. Tim Henman will face Roger Federer in his next round. There hasn’t been much news about Henman lately, I bet he is glad the England football team are getting the third degree in the news papers, but honestly what can we expect from him this year? Personally my money is on Mario Ancic from Crotia. Something about him tells me he is going to go far in this tournament.
Martina Hingis

In the ladies competition I will be following Martina Hingis. She retired from tennis 5 years ago, I think because of injury, but has come out of retirement to show the world that she still has what it takes to be a Wimbledon Champion. She was awesome in her day and was looking like her old self in the match against Olga Savchuk. She thrashed her 6-2, 6-2. Did I mention she is still looking awesome?  ūüėČ

I was doing some database housekeeping on my web sites last night and found the following Mysql Search & Replace to be very useful.

UPDATE table_name SET table_field = REPLACE(table_field, ‘replace_what’,’with_this’);