Gadgets are one of my small pleasures in life and if I am not buying them I am reading up on them. So when WomWorld/Nokia emailed me last Friday asking me if I would like to trial the Nokia Bluetooth Headset BH-217, I jumped at the opportunity. Well the headset was delivered promptly today by DHL.

The headset and accessories were packaged in a tiny but well presented blue cardboard box with the words ‘Nokia’ and  ‘BH-217’ covering the box. The contents were encased in a plastic holder for added protection. Inside was the headset with three different sized rubber ear pads, two different sized plastic ear loops, a car cradle and a clip. There was also a two pronged charger with a 2mm charger connector. Both the clip and the car cradle can take in the 2mm connector from the bottom.

On the bottom of the headset are the 2mm charging jack and a small hole for the voice input. On either side of them are small gold connection plates, which put the headset into standby mode when placed in the clip or car cradle. At the top end on the back is the earpiece and it is covered with a thin mesh. It’s encased in a solid blue plastic sheath, which will be invisible to the eye once the rubber ear pads are fitted over the earpiece.  Engraved in the back cover is the word Nokia and there is also a model number and where it was made (China of all places).

Just above the earpiece is a tiny LED light to show Bluetooth connectivity. When one pulls the headset out of the clip or car cradle the LED quickly flashes green then turns blue and then flashes every couple of seconds. When the headset is slid back into the clip or car cradle the LED light turns orange.

On the front of the headset there is only one multifunction key. It is raised and has a nice click. Near the bottom is the word NOKIA.

I had no hassle pairing it with my Nokia N900. As mentioned above, when you pull the headset out of the clip the first time, the LED goes green then flashes fast blue. At this point I switched on my Bluetooth on the N900 and did a search for the headset. It found it immediately and connected with no password or pin number. There after the LED flashes blue every couple of seconds. If the headset is placed back into the clip the LED goes orange and the Bluetooth connection is terminated immediately. Pull it out and the connection is immediately restored automatically. (A very nice feature).

Overall the design of the Nokia Bluetooth Headset BH-217 is excellent. I like it! It has clean rounded edges and is very light. So far so good!

I will be putting the headset to the test in the next couple of days by testing the audio quality, and some of the multifunction options it has to offer.  I will also be pairing it with some other phones (the Nokia N95, Nokia N97 and my Blackberry Bold 9700).

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