Great news!!! Firmware PR1.2 for the Nokia N900 is definitely available via the Nokia Software Updater. Typically on starting my NSU software, I had to upgrade it to the latest version, but afterwards it picked up my N900 just fine.

Before I began I took a back up my Nokia N900 using the software on the device. I then copied off the backup files onto my computer. Always back up if you do not want to lose your  applications, settings, calendar entries and conversations.

I started the Nokia Software Updater via the Nokia PC Suite and it recognized the old version and the new version immediately.

The firmware is 187.9MB in size, which is quite a large file but over broadband it downloads really quickly, which is why I didn’t use the Over The Air update (OTA).

The update took about 2 minutes to download and then started updating the software on the phone.

The update took a little over 2 minutes to complete. 🙂

The N900 was automatically restarted and then prompted me for my pin number and then showed me the Nokia Tune Handshake Video (opening video), which means it has wiped out my Nokia N900 swish video. Lucky I have backups.

Screenshots to follow shortly….

It then presented me with a summary of my settings and an option to Save.

  • Language: English (United Kingdom)
  • Region: United Kingdom
  • Time:  9:19am
  • Date: 26/05/2010

The Nokia Restore is telling me it’s going to download and install 1.4GB’s worth of software from the Application Manager that I had in my application list, and presented me with a list of software that was in the restore file. (Very clever, but I am starting to think it has wiped out everything :-().

40 minutes later: Software is indeed downloading and installing. Thank goodness I didn’t start this procedure outside of my wifi network as I would have already maxed out my data limit.  There are a few prompts for software that cannot be installed (I expect those to be the dodgy applications I hacked onto it. All in all if you have the time, it’s good to see what is happening, how it installs etc. I am playing with the phone as it’s doing its thing and it’s super quick.

Note: I am seeing lots of comments from people saying it didn’t work for them for whatever reason. Guys if you want help, please give a good description of your circumstances, the error you are seeing, the version of your previous N900 firmware, the version of NSU, the version of your OS etc, and then perhaps others can help. Just saying “it’s not working or it’s doing the same as XYZ is useless information and not helpful to anyone.

One thing I noticed was that the Nokia N900 would not connect correctly if you selected PC-Suite on your N900 when you plugged in the USB cable. The only way I got it to work was to plug the USB cable in and not select anything on the phone (as if you are only charging the phone). Then the Nokia PC Suite showed a connection and you are able to click on the NSU option to upgrade the firmware.

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