There is a new Nokia N900 (RX-51) firmware upgrade and it is Version 20.2010.36.2 or commonly known as PR1.3.

Don’t forget if you are using the Nokia Software Updater (NSU) to upgrade your firmware, you need to do a backup of all your applications on your Nokia N900, as the new firmware will wipe out everything.

Most of the websites are saying the firmware upgrade file is 80MB. Mine was 200.3MB. Not sure why, but it took quite a while to download.

Once downloaded the firmware took about 3 minutes to install.

The last page even mentions the fact that one will now need to restore any backups made. (I just hope if you are planning to upgrade that you make a backup beforehand, because I would hate you to get to this stage and realize 1.8GB’s of applications have just vanished in 3 minutes. ūüôā

I took a backup prior to upgrading, which will now give me the opportunity to only restore the applications I want.

As soon as I have all my applications and games restored, I shall let you know what I notice different.

From what I am reading, there is no dual boot option in this firmware, only tweaks to the OS, more support for OVI and speed increases across the board. (It is most certainly faster).