Oakley are my favourite sunglasses. They look cool for all occasions. It has been a few years since I owned a pair of them. I broke my last pair when we were holidaying in Mexico City in early 2016, so as it was an emergency I bought a cheap pair of Ray Bans, which have lasted quite well, but the missus dropped them on the gravel road 🙁 outside Brands hatch race track and they were scratched on both lenses.

Too scratched not cool to wear.

I’ve been wearing them scratched, but it’s got to the point where there is no point wearing them. I’ve only ever worn two brands of sunglasses; Oakley and Ray Ban, so it was quite easy picking these bad boys off the shelf.

These sunglasses look super cool on me and according to Deitrich over at FramesDirect.com;

These are great for active people who are looking for optimal performance from their sunglasses. Oakley Turbine are very light, made from an Oakley patented material called O-Matter™ It is a stress-resistant nylon that’s flexible and very durable; as it warms up, it will begin to shape to your head. The styling of these sunglasses is classic Oakley with the sporty, wrapped shape and the prominent Oakley icons at the temples. The grippy material on the ear stems is an Oakley invention called Unobtanium®, which prevents sliding when when you sweat.

I’ll take his word for it. I’ve worn them a few times already and they feel great and are definitely grippy on my head. I can imagine them staying on my face just fine when riding my bicycle, driving the car or walking around in the sun. Just gotta keep them away from the missus. 😉


I bought them at sunglass hut in the Bluewater shopping centre in Kent, United Kingdom.