I am in no doubt that the quote below is true.


I have used Resurrection Remix ROM on my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 for almost a year now, which just goes to show how good this ROM is. I use to download and try the various ROMS every week, but once I tried Resurrection Remix, I knew I had found the best ROM.

I download the updates every couple of weeks from Android download files (setup by the ROM creator Lord_Eko), that way I have a chance to read the XDA developers forum and see what like minded folk are saying about the update.

This ROM is very popular and so the forum thread has many pages, but it’s quick to scan through the noise and find what one is looking for. Usually just reading the change logs gives one a quick idea of the changes.

I rarely raise questions as the ROM works just fine, but on the odd occasion when I have done, it is great to see the community quickly respond,  even the creator Lord_Eko gets stuck in and often responds.

This is an excellent ROM for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. It is updated regularly, has a great community of followers, a very keen, dedicated creator. If you are after a ROM that offers tons of tweaking choice then resurrection remix is the ROM to install.