Rock legend Bryan Adams is undoubtedly one of the best singer, songwriter, musician, showman of our generation. If you have seen him in concert with his band you will know what I am talking about.

He has been touring and performing all over the world for over 40 years and has produced, written and sung some incredible and memorable rock songs. He has also written many music scores for well known films, collaborated with loads of famous bands and singers, photographed many famous models, donated lots of his wealth to young kids education through his Bryan Adams Foundation and recently along with his good friend Jim Vallance wrote all the music and lyrics for Pretty Woman: The Musical.

Head over to his wiki page to see all his achievements and accolades or his official website for everything else.

We have seen Bryan Adams in concert many times over the years, at various venues (St George’s Park South Africa, Wembley, The Royal Albert Hall and the O2 Arena in London) and once again at the O2 Arena last night. The arena was packed full of people, who were on their feet the second ‘Ultimate Love‘ started playing. This was followed up by some classics ‘Can’t stop this thing we started‘, ‘Run to you‘, ‘Go down rockin‘, ‘Heaven‘ and ‘This time‘.

After a few songs Bryan Adams talked to the crowd and he’s quite the joker. He started telling us about this famous singer called ‘Tina Turner’ and the song they sang together called ‘It’s only love‘, a song that made him somewhat famous. He then went on to introduce her to the stage… For a couple of seconds everyone including me thought Tina Turner was about to rush onto the stage to sing the song with him (Would’ve loved to have seen Tina Turner back in the day), only for Bryan to tell everyone he was joking.  Ha ha! Take a listen.

When the first few notes of ‘Summer of 69‘ started playing the crowds went nuts. It is such an uplifting rock song and it’s hard not to get up and start clapping and dancing. For those that didn’t know the lyrics, they were projected onto the screen over a naked woman 🙂 Certainly the most well known song by Bryan Adams and my favourite.

It was good to see Keith Scott on lead guitar, Mickey Curry on drums, Gary Breit on keyboard and Solomon Walker on bass. Keith and Mickey have played with Bryan Adams for decades and Gary for the past 16 years. The bass player was Solomon Walker, I’ve not seen him before although I see he has played with Morrissey for some time. Keith Scott played some incredible guitar solos and is a very talented guitarists, while Mickey Curry didn’t disappoint on the drums, but Bryan Adams stole the show with his voice. With or without his Dudes of Leisure backing band (that is what he calls them) the 59 year old rock legend was amazing. He sounded better than ever.

We had great seats, they were located in block 107, row E, right on the isle. They were slightly raised and directly in-line with the stage. Here are some photos from the concert last night. All photos taken with a Panasonic TZ20 digital camera by the lovely Mrs Bowen. 😉

Here is the full playlist courtesy of