Looking through my RSS feeds this afternoon it’s interesting to see that almost every British newspaper has an article or headline on those two idiots “Ross & Brand”, except for the BBC.

Strangely the BBC think Iceland’s 18% interest rate is a lot more important…

Annie & Jonathan
Annie Lennox has talent - spot the odd one out!

I don’t get how “talentless” people like Jonathan “I have a lisp” Ross and Russell Brand can get paid so much money to ridicule and joke about people who are far better than they will ever be.

Let’s hope they are both fired or at least fined some ridiculous sum of money and taken off the air forever.

Unfortunately what will probably happen is that the BBC will make a public apology to Andrew Sachs and his family, and then sack a few unknowns and then behind closed doors give the two of them a pat on the back, because of all the publicity it has generated and they’ll be given an extra big bonus, and their next show will have the most listeners or viewers ever, because every dumbwit British fan will want to hear them do it again.

Our society is ****ed up because we have idiots like these, and to think we pay TV Licence and this is what they do with the money!