Barack ObamaWhy has the world tagged Lewis Hamilton and Barack Obama as being black men, when they are clearly “mixed BGP07 1101race or mixed heritage”? They both have a white mother or father and a black mother or father, which is clearly obvious in the colour of their skin.

Not being racist, but surely if you compare Danny Glover or Nelson Mandela or Michael Jackson before he became a white man through fiddling with little kids, then you’ll be able to tell a black person from a mixed raced person!

Surely the world is being racist by calling them “The first black …whatever”. Tiger Woods springs to mind as well. I wonder how they feel about it? You wonder why colour has to come into the equation?

I was watching the news last night and there was Sky News reporter Dermot Murnaghan standing in the middle of Hyde Park in Chicago (I think it was), surrounded by thousands of happy black people and he looked very awkward and you wonder why he was there (the only white face). Surely Sky News could have sent one of their top black presenters, who could have related a lot better to the circumstances, which begs the question, “Does Sky News have many black presenters?”.

But if you want a racist funny comment, then read the following BBC article on Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. The guy has got a great sense of humour.