It must be a sign of maturity when you drive across the countryside to photograph a few pretty looking flowers….. or a sign of complete madness. You decide!

Anyway who cares. As mentioned in the previous post, the lovely Mrs Bowen and I went to Cornwall for a couple of days. Of course you can’t go to Cornwall without going to "The Eden Project". This great big weird semi dome like golf ball dug into a old dis-used clay mine. The use of the space is very clever, much like the Bluewater shopping centre in Kent. The whole project is an educational charity where their aim is remind people what nature gives to us and to help people to learn how to look after it in return.

They have some stunning gardens, rain forests, crops and landscapes and plant species from around the world, with each emulating a natural biome. Some parts in the dome were so humid, that it was impossible to take a photograph without the camera lense fogging up. The different species of flowers were amazing. As you can see above and below it takes a lot of care and dedication to get plants and flowers to look this good.
Now all of this would be equally impressive if I could tell you the Latin names of theses flowers, but I can’t. There would have been no time to take photos if I was remembering the names. So just savour the beautiful colours.