I stupidly signed up for the Groupon.co.uk newsletter with my email address and have been regretting it every since because these ******s do not understand the meaning of “UNSUBSCRIBE”, even though they have a link on their website giving one the option to unscubscribe from the pestering emails they bombard you with every day. I have unsubscribed twice already, once from my phone and once from their website and yet today I get my third spam email.

1st time 24th February 2011, unsubscribed via their crappy website on my Nokia N900:

2nd time 25th February 2011, unsubscribed via their crappy website on desktop computer:

3rd time lucky, 28th February 2011: “The cheeky sods are telling me I’ve received this exclusive offer because I subscribed to the Groupon newsletter”… No I didn’t, actually I have unsubscribed twice before successfully according to your crappy website. Take note this time!

Next time I receive your SPAM in my mailbox from Groupon I am reporting you to Grumbletext or anyone that wants to name and shame spammers like you. I would not recommend this website to anyone. It’s utter rubbish!