What a dismal weekend it was for betting. I bet Michael Schumacher would win the Australian Grand Prix (ha ha – I am ever hopeful), i bet that Montoya would have the fastest lap (nearly), I bet that Massa would beat Rosberg (not take him out of the race), and I bet that Cambridge would win the boat race against Oxford (hopeless), perhaps I should have bet that Cambridge would almost sink!

I finally updated Stuffonmydesk.com after almost 3 months of not updating it. (too damn lazy). I have now updated the anti-spam and the WYSIWYG editor, which was causing me so much grief.


This coming Saturday we finally pick up our new little kitten (Whiskey). We have waited almost 8 weeks for him. We are expecting our house to be ripped to pieces, we just hope the little bugger starts in the bathroom and in the lounge.    Those are the rooms we need to renovate.