Friday already!, another week gone and almost another month gone. Someone stop the clock. Nothing much has been happening in Bowen’s world. Work is very quiet surprisingly, which is a good thing because no one wants to do work on a Friday.

Someone sent me a great link to a web site called Bombay TV. It’s very clever and corny, which is just what the Bollywood movies are. The idea is that you select a scene and then enter in the subtitles. You only have to do three subtitles and then run the film. You must give it a try. The site emails you the link once you are done. Here are a couple I found funny by Crazyfool, James, Asif, Asif(2).

So tonight is the big night for the EuroMillion draw. It’s estimated that the winner will take home 100 000 000 pounds. That is a hell of a lot money to win in one shot. Just imagine what you could do with all that cash? On sky news they mentioned the winner would match the riches of the Osborne Family (as if any one cares how much money those freaks have), but you could do a lot with that sort of money.

I would certainly buy a small island somewhere in the carribean, preferably near Sir Richard Branson, so that we could hob nob with the rich and famous. I would also buy a red ferrari and couple of houses around the world. As to working for someone else. Ha Ha Ha!

Extra Note added on Saturday 28th of January 2006: It’s incredible to think that no one won the jackpot last night. Next week the jackpot is a staggering £125 000 000.