screenshot0047This awesome little application called ZooZBeat makes use of the accelerometer in the Nokia N95, N98 and N93. It originally came from the inferior, crappy iPhone platform. I guess the guys at ZooZ Mobile realized that making software for just one phone company was silly when the majority of phones offering the accelerometer are in fact the Nokia’s and latest phones.

The application allows one to create music using different instruments and beats using hand gestures or phone movements. The free download version offers 1 beat and a few instruments (I think 10), but if you purchase ZooZBeat for the ridiculous sum of $3.00, then you get 4 background beats and over 20 instruments including voice. You can also edit, clear and delete notes, and load, save and delete songs. It even has an undo feature. It works perfectly well in horizontal mode as well.

One can use the keypad to play different notes, or you can just shake or tilt the phone and different sounds are produced.  At the moment the only problem I have with it is a system error (-12) when I try and save a song. I have contacted support for this.

It’s quite simply an awesome application.

Here is a video of the application playing on a Nokia N95.